Kick start again and keeping it alive


I know this post will make my last post, my very first post in this blog looks like total bullsh*t. I wrote my last post about 11 months ago. I know I’ve talked a lot about kaizen, how we all should change and improve ourselves all the time but yet I’ve not been able to do that for the past 11 months. But let’s put all that behind us right now.


As we gallop into the year of Horse (according to Chinese Lunar calendar) in 2014, I want to put in a lot of effort in keeping up with writing actively in this blog, and if all goes well, I will have another 2 blogs in different areas after this. I have had these ideas in my mind for quite some time but I have procrastinated for a long long time. For now I will need to focus on growing this blog. As per what I mentioned in my last post, the purpose of this writing this blog is to encourage myself as well as others to grow and change for the better.


As I am writing this post, we have already stepped into the Year of the Horse. A lot of Feng Shui masters said that this year will be an awesome year for most of us. This year will be a year that is full of abundance in every area of our lives. Thus I believe this year things will be smooth for me. I’ve decided to take this opportunity to get rid of my procrastination habit and start getting things done, start moving ahead and achieve more in my life.


Here’s a toast to a better year ahead and many more awesome years to come for all of us. Happy Chinese New Year to all!

You can make a Difference

This blog is about Kaizen, positive Kaizen. Which means making positive changes in every aspect of your life. For this post today, please note that it’s not racist or siding any political party nor it is a politically stirring article. I just want to share what I learned out of what happened today

Today every corner of social media sites, coffee shops, streets, etc in Malaysia is discussing about one thing and only one thing, that is the disbursement of Parliament in Malaysia. A lot of people have been waiting for a very long time for this. In Malaysia, every term of a new government is 5 years. And March year 2013 is the time for the parliament to dissolve and Malaysia’s 13th general election(GE13)  to be carried out. Everyone is anticipating for this day to come. When I log in to my Facebook account, I saw a lot of new sharing, pictures, words and etc about the election and about the formerly governing party and opposition. There’s also a lot of sharing about individual’s opinion on how the government run the country or why we should/should not change another party to govern this country.

But there’s one question in my mind all the time, I wonder out of all these people actively sharing and spreading news and information or opinion, how many of them have actually registered to vote? how many would actually vote?  How many would actually vote with their hearts? Or actually just follow the herd? Do you think your effort count? I’m not surprised that there are a lot of people around me that have not registered to vote, or not bothered to go and vote, especially they have to return to hometown to vote if they are to vote at their hometown. The problem are many people think they don’t matter when it comes to big things that concern their country or this world itself. They will think:” If I don’t do others will do it. What does it matter if I don’t do it. Without me the world is not gonna change.”


Does your action makes a difference? Do you think your presence makes a difference? Maybe someone will tell me that the late Steve Jobs makes a difference because of his invention, the world of computers and smartphones took a change for the better. But what I want to say is YOU make a difference. You make a difference in your family. You make a difference in your workplace (no matter how small your position or responsibilities are). You make a difference among your friends. You make a difference in your community. You make a difference in which party governs your beloved country. You make a difference in saving the environment. You make a difference to this world. Your presence itself makes a difference. Imagine if everyone also think that “I don’t make a difference”, what would happen to this world? Your community? Your friends? Your family?


I only throw a candy wrapper out of the car window, it won’t makes much difference. It doesn’t matter if I take part in the Earth Hour or not because others will. So if I’m the only who doesn’t take part it is ok. Let me tell you what, it is NOT ok. If everyone thinks the same way then everyone will start throwing rubbish in public, no one will take part in the earth hour anymore. So start making positive kaizen today. Change your thinking. You must realize that you do make a difference in everything that it happening to you, including the up and coming GE13. If you have any opinion, then speak up by using your action. Take part in the general election. Instead of hitting “like” and “share” button in Facebook, make a difference using your action. For anything to change, you must first change yourself. So I would I to repeat again:


Welcome to Positive Kaizen

Hi and welcome to Positive Kaizen. I’m Alyssa. I have finally decided to be more serious and committed to writing on my blog by starting this blog. I’ve wanted to this for long time, but all these while it’s only a thought in my mind and it’s just an idea, nothing else. No action taken to carry out what I wanted to do in my life. I wasn’t living the purpose of my life at all.


Have you ever been through a time when you feel like everything in your life just collapsed like that? Your body is not as healthy as you would want it to be. Your job turns out to be boring and stressful. Your relationship with your family/partner/spouse/friends began to fall apart. You are broke. Your investment didn’t turn out quite the way you want it. You are alive but you feel like a zombie within. You feel like you have hit the lowest point in your life. Have you ever been through a time like this?


I had.


It was definitely the lowest point in my life. At that point of time, I felt that everything around me began to collapse. I health was at its worse.  I was overweight. I didn’t do any exercise at all. My metabolism rate was low and I feel sluggish all the time. My relationship with the people around me started to fall apart. I felt like I had no one to turn to for a listening ear. I was in a financial mess, but luckily it wasn’t too severe. I hated my job. I dreaded going to work everyday. I have no money. I cried when I see friends around me achieving success in their life. While I have a few opportunities at hand, none of it interests me enough for me to get my ass off the couch and started working hard. I have lost my dreams at that point of time. No Dreams means No Direction. Can you imagine getting into your car, turning on the engine and started driving, aimlessly, without any direction and destination. What would it be like? This is how exactly life would turn out to be if you do not know where you want to be in the next 5,10,15,20 years or so.


I learned this through reading self-help books and blogs. As such, I learned that it is important to have your dreams and goals in life so that your life has a direction. Instead wondering around aimlessly, I decided to take control of my life, and begin to make small positive changes in every area of my life. Thus I created Positive Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “improvement” or “change for the better”. In mandarin it simply means 改善. With this blog, I want to make positive changes to every area of my life by taking small steps everyday. I hope to shared my experience, what I’ve learned and most importantly I want to learn from you. Yes YOU.


Everyday we are given a new set of 86400 seconds. It is really up to us how we want to utilize it. So I hope you will join me in this journey and grow together.